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Posts Tagged: notice period

Cutting off Benefits

My latest Canadian HR Law blog post discusses the tricky risk of cutting off benefits during an employee’s notice period. For example, imagine the scenario: Michael has been working for a manufacturing company for 23 years. He started off on the manufacturing line and worked his way up to a lower managerial position. A few months ago, his marriage ended […]

Economic Circumstances as a Factor in Assessing Notice of Dismissal

  Employment Law is an area inextricably linked to the state of the economy. In good times, employers are hiring. In bad times, they downsize. In my latest Canadian HR Law blog post, I discussed whether an employer’s economic circumstances can be used to reduce notice of dismissal or severance obligations. Recently, I discussed the fact that a court had taken […]

Dismissal and disability leave

As I discuss in my latest First Reference Talks blog post, sometimes, individuals will be dismissed from their jobs at a time when they are on disability leave. Contrary to what some may believe, there is nothing wrong with this, as long as the decision to dismiss is entirely unrelated to the employee’s disability. For example, if an organization decides to […]

Do Bonuses Come to an End with the Employment Relationship?

Many aspects of employment law are complex, and the answer to questions is often the wonderfully equivocal response, “It depends.” As my recent Canadian H.R. Law blog post describes, an employee’s entitlement to bonuses after termination falls right into this category of contentious issues. Pay In Lieu of Notice By default, pay in lieu of notice of dismissal is intended to include […]