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Posts Tagged: employment contract

Reading the Fine Print

Imagine the scene: one day, just like any other, you’re sitting at your desk planning to pack up and head home soon when you are unexpectedly called into a meeting in the boardroom. You enter the boardroom to find your manager and the head of Human Resources sitting around the table. You’ve been around long enough to know what’s happening, […]

An Employer’s Right when Making Changes to the Employment Relationship

At it’s very core, the employment contract is a very simple one: an individual agrees to work, and the employer agrees to pay them for their effort. Of course, as I explain in my recent First Reference Talks blog post, if everything were that simple, then employment lawyers like myself would not have very much to do. In addition to […]

Refusing to Relocate: Just Cause for Dismissal?

It is not uncommon for an organization to move their offices, or to “transfer” an employee from one location to another. As discussed in our recent First Reference Talks blog post, sometimes, the move is across the street, while other moves are across the country or farther. What happens if an employee refuses to relocate? As we have discussed in […]

Termination clauses: A Common Sense Revolution?

My recent Canadian HR Law Blog Post discusses the ongoing saga of judicial consideration of termination clauses in employment contracts, which continued most recently with a decision from the Court of Appeal for Ontario in Oudin v. Centre Francophone de Toronto. This decision is good news for employers, as it adopts the approach of contractual certainty as opposed to the […]

When Just Cause is Not a Lost Cause

Regular readers of both this and my Canadian HR Law blogs will know that much of my time is spent writing about, speaking about and opining on the complexity of the laws regarding summary dismissal in Canada. Our firm always advises clients that dismissal should never be undertaken in haste, and that in assessing whether just cause for dismissal exists, […]

Do Bonuses Come to an End with the Employment Relationship?

Many aspects of employment law are complex, and the answer to questions is often the wonderfully equivocal response, “It depends.” As my recent Canadian H.R. Law blog post describes, an employee’s entitlement to bonuses after termination falls right into this category of contentious issues. Pay In Lieu of Notice By default, pay in lieu of notice of dismissal is intended to include […]