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Workplace & Employment Mediations

Employment Lawyers S. Rudner and N. MacDonald during mediation

Workplace & Employment Mediation: An attempt to bring about a settlement or compromise between disputants through the objective intervention of a neutral third party.

In the vast majority of cases, workplace disputes can be resolved without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. This is true whether the issue is ongoing harassment, constructive dismissal, or the amount of severance to which a dismissed employee is entitled. A miniscule percentage of disputes result in a trial. Settlement can be achieved, and the lawyers of Rudner MacDonald can help you to do so before time and money is needlessly expended.

Stuart Rudner is a trained mediator, and has participated in the Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop program put on by the Stitt Feld Handy Group in conjunction with the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law. Natalie MacDonald was the Assistant to the Founding Professor of the mediation department at the University of Windsor Law School.

Natalie and Stuart bring extensive knowledge of Canadian employment law from their years of experience in assisting parties to address workplace issues. They offer a balanced perspective that comes from their work advising employers and employees. They are not philosophically or otherwise biased toward either side; rather, they offer a neutral approach that allows them to assess a situation and assist the disputing parties so they may achieve a creative solution. Together, both have participated in hundreds of employment mediations on behalf of their respective clients.

Whether or not counsel is involved, Rudner MacDonald can work with you. Our lawyers are committed to the benefits that employment mediation provides and can work with the parties toward elegant resolutions. How? By recognizing that in many cases, conflicts can be resolved through creative solution-seeking, active listening, and clear, straightforward communication. Bringing together opposing sides with the assistance of their impartial support is an art, and one of Rudner MacDonald’s many strengths.

With a combined 27 years of workplace and employment mediation experience filled with accomplishments and success stories, both Stuart and Natalie have been repeatedly named among Canada’s Top Employment Law Practitioners.

Employment lawyer Natalie MacDonald is the author of ‘Extraordinary Damages in Canadian Employment Law”, the only text of its kind. Stuart Rudner has contributed to several books, and is the author of ‘You’re Fired! Just Cause for Dismissal in Canada.’

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