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Criminal Prosecution of Ghomeshi Failed – What Does it Mean for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

It has been a year and a half since the Ghomeshi scandal first broke in October 2014. While the criminal court cases may now be coming to a close, it is hard to say that the effects of this case on Canadian workplaces will diminish anytime soon.

This is exactly what Stuart Rudner had to say in a recent interview with City TV News when discussing the importance of the case for addressing sexual harassment. We have previously blogged about the impact the March criminal proceedings against Ghomeshi may have on victims of workplace sexual harassment coming forward. In this interview below, Stuart reaffirms that the scandal had a positive impact by shining a public spotlight on sexual harassment, which made more people aware of their rights and obligations and that harassment is never acceptable.

However, now that the criminal prosecutions have dramatically failed, and the three complainant in the initial trial were eviscerated, will other victims be scared to come forward? That may, sadly, be the case, but it should not be. As discussed previously and in the video below, a workplace harassment investigation is completely different from a criminal prosecution, especially one involving a celebrity.

The full interview featuring Stuart’s comments can viewed below, or by following this link:

If you are an employee facing a situation of workplace harassment, click here to see how we may be of assistance. If you are an employer who is dealing with a harassment complaint, or wants to create proactive policies to address harassment in the workplace, click here.