Strategic HR

Every employment relationship is governed by a combination of documents, legislation, and implied rights. These establish the rights and obligations of both parties. If an issue is not addressed in writing, the law will impose terms which may not be in the employer’s best interests. Organizations should ensure that they do not miss the opportunity to put terms in place that will allow them to operate efficiently while minimizing liability.

Why just play the game when you can make up the rules?

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Stuart has been instrumental in assisting our clients with their ongoing employment law needs on a timely and cost-effective basis. His strong knowledge of employment law coupled with his sense of urgency and practical and solutions-oriented style easily distinguish Stuart from his peers.

Jordan Dolgin
Founder & CEO
Dolgin Professional Corporation

Natalie MacDonald has served our company for years, and has been a real pleasure to work with, particularly throughout some of our company’s most trying times. Her strategic advice balances her understanding of business realities, with a combined sensitivity for the needs of employees. We deeply appreciate that, as well as her excellent advice over the years, which has proven to save our company significant money as a result. I was recently assisted by Natalie’s guidance and expertise during a massive reorganization of our company. As a result of her first-rate knowledge and expertise, as well as her organizational skills, we were able to ensure that all employees were treated fairly and reasonably throughout the entire process. When you are in Natalie’s hands, you know that you are in the best hands possible to ensure a positive resolution. I have no hesitation recommending Natalie to any organization or individual in need of employment law expertise, as when you go to Natalie you are going to the best!

Doug Cooper
President and CEO