Social Media & The Workplace

Social media provides a means for people to interact, create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities. It offers far greater reach than traditional media. While social media can be a useful tool for organizations, it also offers employees with new ways to negatively impact the workplace. From spending hours on Facebook while at work, to posting disparaging comments about their supervisors online, employees can wreak havoc through social media. New issues are arising all the time; for example, if an employee is responsible for promoting the company on social media, who owns the accounts?

Employers must be aware of the concerns raised by social media and monitor employee conduct. At the same time, employers can and should take advantage of the benefits of social media in the hiring process, to monitor employee behaviour, and to reduce their obligations to past employees. .

Rudner MacDonald can expertly guide you as an employer as you attempt to address social media concerns while navigating privacy, confidentiality and human rights obligations. We can advise you with respect to contracts and policies, workplace safety, conduct in the workplace and any disciplinary issues that result.