Termination of Employment

Whatever expression is used, whether it is “fired”, “let go,” “dismissed,” or “permanently laid off”, they all describe the situation when employment is terminated by an employer. If you have been offered a severance package from your employer and you need a qualified, objective review, allow us to scrutinize the details of the information through the eyes of experience. Rudner MacDonald helps ensure you are treated fairly. There is widespread misunderstanding regarding the law of dismissal in Canada. To begin with, employees can be dismissed at any time, for almost any reason. However, unless there is just cause for dismissal, employees must be provided with notice or “severance” in accordance with the legislation and common law. Above all, if an employer fails to treat you fairly and reasonably, you may be entitled to extraordinary damages. In recent months, several six and seven figure awards have been handed to employees where employers failed to meet their legal obligations. We can advise you as to whether your employer truly had just cause to dismissal you and, if appropriate, help you seek compensation for damages suffered in the course of dismissal; after all, Stuart wrote the book on Just Cause for Dismissal in Canada and Natalie wrote the book on Extraordinary Damages in Canadian Employment Law.

If your employment is terminated, our firm offers expertise and sage advice during this stressful experience. We help ensure your offer is both reasonable and fair. In addition to assessing how many months of notice to which you are entitled, we will help you understand whether all obligations have been met, including variable compensation such as bonuses and commissions, car allowances, pensions, stock options, and medical, dental and disability benefits. We can work with you to negotiate a reasonable outcome, and if that cannot be achieved through negotiation, then we will represent you in your claim against the company. You can trust and rely on our advice and expertise.

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Natalie MacDonald is the best employment lawyer, bar none, in Canada! If you don’t speak to her, you will be making a mistake. I retained Natalie MacDonald to represent me on a wrongful dismissal. Overall, Natalie’s representation of me was excellent, as was her professionalism and organization. While in a mediation session once with Natalie, I noticed very quickly that she was much more prepared than our opponent. We had answers, they didn't. When hiring Natalie, I knew she was intelligent and highly capable but I was surprised at the two styles I had witnessed. It led me to ask Natalie why she was more prepared than the opposing attorney. Her answer is Natalie's magic: Natalie prepares every file, every client, as if she's going to trial. There are no short cuts. It's full service from the moment you say hello - and what service it is. In my opinion, that's what differentiates Natalie from her opponents. You have your best chance at winning sitting on her side of the table.

Gary N. Collins
Managing Partner, 4Growth Inc.
Executive Director, Epilepsy Canada

Stuart's practice is focused on employment law, an area in which he has developed considerable expertise. He provided legal counsel for my termination when I was recently let go. He understood my circumstances and concerns and provided understanding of the legal process and the options available.

Stuart represented me and kept me informed at every stage. He advised and represented me in a manner designed to achieve practical, cost-effective solutions.

With his experience we did not have to go to court in order to reach a reasonable settlement in a short period of time. It was a positive and rewarding experience under the circumstances. Stuart's focus is the bottom line: helping clients to maximize results while minimizing costs. I strongly recommend that if you have any employment-related issues, including offer letters or severance packages to be reviewed, that you contact Stuart. He advises and represents employers and employees

Pina Malascalza