Human Rights Issues

Every employee, no matter their race, ethnic origin, colour, citizenship, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital or family status, is entitled to equal employment rights and opportunities, without discrimination or harassment. If you feel targeted in workplace interactions by fellow workers or supervisors,clients or any others, let Rudner MacDonald lawyers help.

We can advise you with respect to your rights and offer potential solutions. If that does not work, or it is too late, we can represent you before Human Rights Tribunals or civil courts.

I have known Stuart for more than five years. As an advisor to clients in Senior Management positions I need someone I can trust when I refer clients for legal counsel relating to their employment. Stuart is a person of trust. Not just because of his knowledge and skill in the legal arena but also because of the way he treats people - with care and respect - important at all times but especially during the often tough circumstances he is helping them work through.

Scott McKenzie
Regional Vice President and General Manager, Toronto
T.E. Financial Consultants Ltd.

Approachable from our first meeting, with her knowledge and experience Natalie MacDonald was able to quickly assess my situation and accurately predict the end result. I knew what to expect and what it would take to get there. Natalie gave me responsive and reliable legal guidance and was often a shoulder to lean on. Having Natalie in my corner helped to keep me moving forward through a difficult period and I would happily recommend Natalie’s services without hesitation.

Sandy Badgley