Contract Review

Detailed contracts of employment are becoming more common in Canada. The purpose of these contracts is to clearly set out the terms of the working relationship. The employment contract forms the cornerstone of the employment relationship. These contracts typically contain terms related to compensation, benefits, work description, termination and rules and conditions in the workplace. It is therefore imperative that all terms and conditions are understood. Canadian organizations are becoming more aggressive in their use of employment contracts, and employees often unwittingly sign away many of their rights when they accept an offer without seeking legal advice.

Having a trusted and experienced employment lawyer review the language of your employment contract prior to agreeing to it is a crucial step in protecting your rights, particularly if you are being lured away from your previous organization, or you have been provided with a contract containing extensive terms and conditions. Rudner MacDonald lawyers have reviewed countless and varied contractual agreements, and will apply their vast expertise, especially to provisions beyond a company’s standard employment contract. We will review all the terms of your contact, even some that may outlast your term of employment, such as non-disclosure and non-competition/solicitation clauses and intellectual property, make sure you understand them, and help you understand the consequences of each one.

I have consulted with Stuart on a number of files and referred my most trusted clients to him on files. I rest easy knowing that my employment law and HR issues are in the hands of a true expert when Stuart takes on a file.

Edward Prutschi

The investment I made in consulting Natalie, in terms of value received, is the best investment I’ve ever made. I wish my other investments would provide a similar return!!

Nadine Rolle

Just a note to let you know that we have been able to come to an agreement with the company. This could not have been done or completed without your compassion, wisdom and guidance. You have been a strong and bright light in helping us to understand and to navigate our way through the termination, or as you most aptly put it – mangled termination. From a cost benefit point of view, the time we spent with you is extremely well-warranted.

Keith and Roslyn Goobie