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Category Archives: Absences

Managing Attendance and Absenteeism

Managing attendance and absenteeism in the workplace is one of the most difficult issues for employers. Some common questions are: Are employees entitled to “sick days”? Can employers require medical notes? What steps can employers take to manage attendance? Can excessive absenteeism be grounds for dismissal? This is another example of the ongoing balancing act between the rights of individuals […]

680 News Toronto: Stuart on Productivity and ‘Summer Brain’

Stuart speaks with 680 news’ Mike Eppel on ‘summer brain’ and the productivity issues some employers face during the warmer months. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)

Requiring Medical Evidence of Ability to Return to Work

My latest Canadian HR Law blog post discusses the issue of requiring medical evidence from employees on medical leave prior to their return – a topic that has more layers to it than meets the eye. The Duty to Accommodate Disability   In recent years, much has been written about the duty of an employer to accommodate disability, which can often […]

The Flu: It’s Nothing to Sneeze At

We’ve been experiencing a mild fall in Ontario to date. In fact, some days take us back to summer as the temperatures rise and fall daily with no predictable pattern. If it weren’t for all of the commercials about free shots, we may even forget that it’s actually flu season. Unfortunately, the flu season is very unpredictable in that the […]

Lots of confusion over paid time off

In my latest Canadian HR Law blog post, I addressed the widespread confusion, on the part of employees and employers, regarding paid time off for matters such as sickness or bereavement. In many cases, employees do not have any such entitlement, though they often assume that they do. Conversely, some employers fail to recognize the legal entitlements their employees do have, and […]

Dismissal for Absenteeism

In my most recent Canadian HR law blog post, I discussed two recent cases in which employees were fired as a result of absenteeism. In one, the dismissal was upheld. In the other, it was overturned. The difference lies largely in the honesty, or lack thereof, of the employee in questionn. Volunteer firefighting In Mainroad Group and BCGEU, Local 10 […]

Hangout with Rudner MacDonald: Doctors’ Notes

In his monthly blog post for First Reference Talks, Stuart recently addressed the recent controversy surrounding the requirement that employees produce doctors’ notes to justify absences from work. As he wrote: “Bosses shouldn’t ask sick workers for doctor’s notes: OMA”; that was the recent headline in the Toronto Star. The press release from the Ontario Media Association has prompted reactions […]