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Category Archives: Probation

Interpretation and Enforcement of Probationary Periods in Employment Contracts

When hiring a new employee, employers will often characterize the first several months of employment as a “probationary period”, the purpose of which is generally to give both parties an opportunity to assess whether the employee is a good fit for the workplace. My post on the First Reference HR Advisor blog discusses a recent case that expands on the […]

Lying on a Resumé: Don’t be the Author of your own Misfortune

Lying on a resumé could be just cause, but the employer needs to do its due diligence when recruiting If an employee lied about his qualifications during the application process, is that just cause for dismissal? The simple answer — as is often the case when it comes to employment law — is “it depends.” A clear misrepresentation will constitute dishonesty, […]

Dropped calls: Ministry of Labour doesn’t always give the full story

How would you feel if you called the Ministry of labor in order to get their advice regarding how much termination pay to provide to one of your employees, followed their advice exactly, and then found yourself being sued for wrongful dismissal? Or, as an employee, what would you think if you contacted the Ministry of labor to ask about […]