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Posts By: Rudner MacDonald

Workplace Harassment and Discrimination: Looking at the Allegations Against Canada’s Spy Agency

You have probably seen this in the news – five employees have filed a $35-million lawsuit against the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency (CSIS) alleging a toxic workplace culture poisoned by racism, homophobia and anti-Muslim discrimination. These allegations are yet to be proven in court. However, it is important to have a discussion about the employment law issues arising from this, […]

Don’t Make Assumptions About Employer Rights

Unfortunately, we are often consulted by employers that entirely misunderstand the nature of the employment relationship and assume that they have the right to do almost anything they want without repercussion. In many cases, they act accordingly, and expose themselves to substantial liability. While every employer is entitled to run their business, and to make appropriate managerial decisions, my recent […]

Drug Testing in the Workplace – An Update

Nobody likes tests. I remember school days when pop quizzes always meant wondering if you remembered everything, or whether what the teacher taught that day you were sick would be on the questions she asked. In today’s workplace, tests are still looked upon as something you wish you could just skip, or avoid altogether. As the firm’s latest First Reference […]

Just Cause for Dismissal: Teacher Fabricating Student Grades

The Ontario Court of Appeal has recently overturned the trial decision in Fernandes v. Peel Educational & Tutorial Services Limited, 2016 ONCA 468, finding that the private school did, in fact, have just cause to terminate the employment of Mr. Fernandes, a former teacher. The decision not only reverses the 12-month wrongful dismissal damage award, but alleviates the private school’s […]

Dealing with unfounded allegations of discrimination or harassment

My latest Canadian HR Law blog post deals with an unfortunate side to the substantial awareness we have seen in the last few years around workplace harassment: false and unfounded allegations. As we all know, workplace harassment has been at the front and center in recent years, with substantial media coverage of high-profile cases such as that involving Jian Ghomeshi. […]

Rudner MacDonald LLP selected as one of top three Employment & Labour Law boutique firms in Canada

Rudner MacDonald is honoured to announce that it has been selected by the Canadian HR Reporter Reader’s Choice Awards as one of the top three Employment & Labour Law boutique firms in Canada. More than 17,000 digital ballots were cast in total for this award, and the firm is very proud to have been chosen among the top 3 Employment & Labour […]

Understanding Equality vs. Equity

As I mentioned in a recent Canadian HR Law blog post, I saw a graphic on my Facebook feed and thought that it provided an excellent demonstration of the difference between treating people equally and providing them with equality. I also thought that it confirmed how the need for accommodation can address the symptom, or the cause. In the first image, three […]

When Just Cause is Not a Lost Cause

Regular readers of both this and my Canadian HR Law blogs will know that much of my time is spent writing about, speaking about and opining on the complexity of the laws regarding summary dismissal in Canada. Our firm always advises clients that dismissal should never be undertaken in haste, and that in assessing whether just cause for dismissal exists, […]

Former executive director of HR files wrongful dismissal claim

My latest Canadian HR Law blog post discusses a recent high profile case that highlights and brings together two key aspects of employment law: harassment investigation, and summary dismissal. As recent headlines have confirmed, Todd Spencer, formerly the executive director of human resources and industrial relations at CBC, has filed a wrongful dismissal claim against CBC as a result of […]

Natalie nominated for Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers

Rudner MacDonald is proud to announce that Natalie MacDonald has been nominated for Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in the Changemakers category. If you believe that Natalie deserves to be part of this prestigious group, please vote for her by clicking here. You will find Natalie’s name in the “Changemakers” category on page 3.   Voting closes on […]

Termination Clauses: Anything But Certain

Have you presented a contract of employment, or even signed one yourself, that contained a termination clause to the effect of In case your employment is terminated, we will provide you with your notice pursuant to the Employment Standards Act”. Particularly in tough times,  many employees may not notice such wording or consider what it might mean for them, as […]